"...balm for the soul, enthralling, highly recommended..." (Montreal Gazette)

"Raven causes magic...[Kung Jaadee's] compelling delivery keeps her audience enraptured with these magical tales...a wonderful show, and perfect for two-leggeds of all ages." (TheatreInLondon.ca)

"Four Stars" (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix)


Kung Jaadee is a traditional Haida singer, drummer, and storyteller and one of Canada's leading aboriginal performers.

She has given hundreds of performances all over Canada since 1992. She performs for children and adults at festivals, schools, universities, conferences, workshops, and on TV and radio.

Kung Jaadee loves to sing and tell stories. If you would like her to visit your event or institution, please contact her.

Why is Kwii-Ge-Ii-Ones now known as Kung Jaadee? Following Haida tradition, she has passed the name Kwii-Ge-Ii-Ones (Big Loved Cloud) to her daughter. Now she goes by her other Haida name Kung Jaadee (Woman in the Moon).

Roberta Performing at NACC